Software for NMR

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ssNAKE ssNAKE v1.1
A spectra fitting standalone program designed specfically for solids. A stand alone GUI installer is provided as well as python source code on a git.
Spectra fitting, spectra processing

DMFIt2015 DMFit 2015
A spectra fitting standalone program especially well-suited for fitting amorphous solids.
Spectra fitting, spectra processing

NMRGlue NMR Glue
NMR glue is a software module which simplifies many aspects of using Python to analyze NMR data from Varian/Agilent, Bruker, NMRPipe, Sparky, SIMPSON, and Rowland.
Spectra processing, and analysis

OpenVNMRJ image Open VNMRJ
An opensource version of VNMRJ started after Agilent's closure of NMR activities.
FID processing

MagresView image MagresView
An intuitive opensource tool for visualization of ab-inito predicted parameters.
Predicted spectrum modelling.