Southern California Users of Magnets


Southern California Users of Magnets (SCUM) is a welcoming group of magnetic spectroscopists from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

We hold an annual 1 day symposium/meeting, to bring together and build community among all folks interested in NMR, EPR, etc within our geographic area. Past participants have included researchers, scientists, students and professors (from private university, community colleges, CSUs, UCs, government, and industry), from just about every possible discipline.

We welcome all magnetic spectroscopists and students and would like to encourage the participation of individuals who's expertise loosely fit into magnetic/nuclear spectroscopy but are not explicitly mentioned.

Archive of past meeting programs here

And a huge thank you Galia Debelouchina and UCSD for hosting SCUM 2019!

More about SCUM

The group is very loosely organized, typically a research group from the region will volunteer hosting the meeting, and then using their political prowess, hand off the next meeting to another research group.