NMR Theory

This section is intended to provide an overview of solid state NMR for someone unfamiliar with NMR techniques. For a more comprehensive theoretical explanation of NMR we recommend the UC Davis Chemwiki pages on NMR and EPR which can be particularly useful due to their conciseness and clarity. Lastly we have recommended additional books at the bottom that are worth referencing.

NMR Theory Contents
A brief Introduction for those unfamiliar with NMR.
Notable UCDavis Chemiwiki pages and additional web resources
Paramagnetic NMR Theory
Books and additional resource

A brief Introduction for a general audience

Most people are unfamiliar with NMR, but often familiar with both cookies and guitars. The following description of NMR is one possible example of breaking down some of the complexities of the technique to the general public in a way that both catches some attention and explains the basic concept.

An introduction for the general public: Cookies, Guitars and NMR

Notable UCDavis Chemiwiki pages and additional web resources

Links to NMR theory

NMR theory
Solid State Experiments page

Paramagnetic NMR

For an in-depth discussion of the theory see our Paramagnetic Theory Page

Paramagnetic NMR utilizes a phenomenon where unpaired electron spins within a molecule or crystal interact with local nuclear spins. NMR spectra of nuclei which are close enough to the unpaired electron spins can be significantly altered.

Books and additional resources

The following books and other resources are listed as good references for obtaining or furthering an understanding of solid state NMR. We divide these resources into three audiences: Beginner, Moderate, and Advanced.

Books broadly about solid state NMR

Current Developments in SSNMR Current Developments in Solid State NMR Spectroscopy, by Moller and Madhu
Advanced level
Publisher webpage for this book
This is a descriptive book that has the level of detail leaving an expert satisfied, but overwhelming the novice. Its initial chapters are especially good references when returning to the theory after a few years of running NMR experiments. The price tag is high depending on where you purchase this, however it is often included in springer online access for direct download, so you may already have access to it though a universities web subscription.
Duer SSNMR Solid State NMR Spectroscopy, by Melinda Duer
Middle level
Publisher webpage for this book
This is a good middle level book on a number of SSNMR topics, with a detail level that works well for a 2-3 year graduate student. The book cover links to the publishers website, however copies of this book are available for a cheaper price on other websites.