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The biggest place we need help is in acquiring information related to solid state NMR and organizing this information to best benefit those using and interested in using SSNMR to solve scientific and engineering questions. We are passionate about, and devoted to keeping this resource free and open to everyone; so please save your funding for spending on solving questions with NMR. If you have any SSNMR related knowledge that you would like to share, please e-mail the address at the bottom of this page.

Why you should contribute

In 2015 we had the idea that the solid state NMR research field was in need of a stronger community, which we believe will in turn remove some of the barriers hindering interest in and use of this spectroscopy technique.

Despite the remarkable capabilities of solid state NMR for characterizing materials, in the last 20 years we fear it has become increasingly regarded as a novelty technique, limited to a dwindling number of laboratories and researchers. The recent financial trouble of the Canadian 900 solid state lab is in our opinion a result of a lacking vibrant and growing community associated with and interested in using SSNMR to investigate and solve scientific problems.

Some of our hopes for this website are as follows:
First we hope to create a place that accelerates the education of scientists interested in learning or learning more about solid-state NMR.
Second we hope to create an archive of spectra which helps current and future researchers investigate and analyze samples.
Third we hope to create a collection of software tools that help make solid state NMR researchers more efficiently produce rigorous scientific conclusions.
And ultimately we hope the solid state NMR community becomes one renowned as a collaborative, supportive, and inviting research field.

We belie this will have the biggest impact, and help build the strongest community, if this website was free for everyone to use. Most of us need to be saving our budgets for rising helium costs anyway!

How you can contribute

Ideas, thoughts, spectra, complaints, and anything else you might be willing to contribute is both welcome and appreciated.
Please e-mail us if you are interested in contributing something.