Welcome to an in-progress attempt to bring solid state NMR information together and onto the internet to create a more collaborate and supportive research environment for all solid state NMR scientists.

Nominate a SSNMR scientist for our inaugural Spring "Solid Scientist" Part of our team will review the submitted scientists and select a noteworthy scientist to be featured on our homepage for 3 months.


2017-03-22 SSNMR researchers from US academia and Europe finally added in
2017-03-18 The buttons on the top bar are misbehaving again, hopefully we can come up with a better fix soon.
2017-01-02 Happy new year everyone!.
2016-11-02 Looking for some help from anyone with experience tracking large numbers of reference citations, we very much want our database to link folks to the source.
2016-10-31 A spooky amount of PHP and database progress this weekend! The solids database now pulls from our database. Only a few elements are in so far (Ag, W, Si, Al, Li, Ca, O, Sc) but more are on their way, as are references for everything.
2016-10-19 We made some progress on setting up the database. The nuclides page now pulls its data from an SQL database.
2016-10-08 Analysis page added
2016-09-28 We have switched to Dreamhost, which should be much more reliable then our previous hosting service